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Our projects promote a synergy between subjectivities by creating collaborative working groups that bring forth a common critical reflection.

Decompression Gathering Summer Camp 2013 visting artist WOCHENKLAUSUR

Progetto a cura di Radical Intention
In collaborazione con Associazione Culturale Fosca e FARE Arte, e con il patrocinio del Comune di Borgo San Lorenzo.
English below—-

A partire dall’incontro e dall’analisi delle attività del Centro Nazionale d’Accoglienza Villaggio La Brocchi (Borgo San Lorenzo) il visiting artist Karl Seiringer del collettivo WochenKlausur da sempre impegnato sul fronte delle social e collaborative practices, cercherà di comprendere con i partecipanti come l’arte possa interagire con tematiche quali l’immigrazione, l’accoglienza, l’integrazione sociale e la convivenza di culture diverse.

Decompression Gathering Summer Camp

August 25th – September 1st 2013
Summer residence and workshop for cultural workers
Corniolo Art Platform visiting artist Karl Seiringer (WochenKlausur)

The project is curated by Radical Intention with the collaboration of Associazione Culturale Fosca and FARE arte and with the support of Borgo San Lorenzo city council.

Starting from the analysis of the activities at Centro Nazionale d’Accoglienza Villaggio La Brocchi, visiting artist Karl Seiringer (WochenKlausur) will enhance a series of collective critical reflections with the participants. The aim is to propose possible social interventions regarding themes such as immigration, integration, hospitality and multiculturalism.


Alessandra Saviotti

IMG_9691She is an independent curator. She focuses on the collaboration between artists and curators. By interacting constantly with the artist she participates actively in the artistic process from the beginning to the end. Her work aims to realize site specific projects where the public is actively involved and ordinary space gains new value thanks to the temporary incursion of art. Her practice is taking into consideration participatory and collaborative processes according to the motto “collaboration is better than competition”. She is cofounder of the art collective Aspra.mente (2006), a group which focused on the conception of interdisciplinary projects mainly dealing with the social and cultural contest of the site where the art is displayed.

Alex Martinis Roe

IMG_9633Alex Martinis Roe works with feminist genealogies, seeking to foster specific and productive relations between different generations, as a way of participating in the construction of feminist histories. She completed her PhD in Fine Arts at Monash University in 2011. In 2006-7 she was a resident at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne; in 2011 at Seoul Artspace Geumcheon; and since 2009 at Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin. Recent exhibitions include NEW13, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (2013); Collective Biographies, Bibliothekswohnung, Berlin (solo) (2012; non-writing histories, Artspace, Sydney (solo) (2012); Genealogies; Frameworks for Exchange, Pallas Projects, Dublin (solo) (2011); HaVE A LoOk! Have a Look! FormContent, London (2010).

Gemma Medina Estupiñán

IMG_9680She is Art Historian (PhD in Contemporary Art), independent researcher, curator and cultural producer. Her research interest is focus on contemporary art practices and society, participating in projects that fall outside standard artistic discourse, bringing art out of the box, closer to the non specialized audiences. She establishes the collaborative experiences working with artists, or “discussions at the kitchen of the projects” (as curator, researcher or producer), as base of a reflective process: a medium to understand about the art practices itself, and find connections within the art history, leading to a balance between the academic and the real. She has been part of researching projects as Be(com)ing Dutch and Play VanAbbe.

Mille Højerslev Nielsen

IMG_9723 Mille Højerslev Nielsen (1987) is an independent curator, freelance writer and a hardcore aesthete born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nielsen is the founder of the curatorial and interdisciplinary platform In Words Drown I, from where exhibitions, events and publications are produced. Most recently, she produced the exhibition CARNE VALE, presented at Flux Factory in New York. She’s currently working on a new exhibition entitled Take it like a Man. Nielsen also studies Visual Culture (University of Copenhagen) and in Spring 2014 she will be writing her master thesis on collectivism in contemporary art.

Sara Benaglia

IMG_9476She studied visual arts after the surrender of finance studies. She worked as studio assistant for Chiara Fumai in 2012, a fundamental experience for entry to the politics of the performative as a feminist. This year she has taken part to Portas Abiertas at the Fundação Eugénio de Almeida (P),V.I.R. Via Farini in Residence, Milan, Talouselämä / Financial times in Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi (FI) with her band Il Bidello di Virginia, to a workshop with Olaf Nicolai in ACSA, Berlin and to Minus Habens in Polaresco, Bergamo, curated by the artist Daniele Maffeis. She’s working as a volunteer with elderly for the summertime and from September she’ll take part to a research program in CCA Kitakyushu.

Sarrita Hunn

IMG_9254Sarrita Hunn is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice also includes writing, arts administration, teaching and curating. Her work has been exhibited internationally over the past decade at such venues as Laumeier Sculpture Park (St. Louis, MO), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA), and with artist-run spaces and projects across the globe including recently with Koh-i-noor (DK) at Malmö Konsthall (Sweden). Since co-founding Temporary Art Review in 2011, Sarrita has worked with more than 80 contributors to published over 280 profiles, reviews, interviews and essays that focus on alternative spaces and critical exchange across the United States.

Serena Osti

IMG_9493After completing a bachelor in product and communication design, she starts working as assistant for several artists, learning from practice. She has taken part to several workshops, projects, residencies, collective exhibitions and awards (Italo Zuffi/Careof, Milano 2011; Play3 Creative Residency/,Omegna 2012; Cose Cosmiche/Galleria Artra, Milano 2012; Liveworks – Performance Art Award, Centrale Fies and Viafarini DOCVA, Centrale Fies 2013) and generally everything that could be relevant for the life today. She has been dealing with crisis, spam, mobile phones, encounters, boredom, distraction, games, future, strategies.

Simona Di Meo

IMG_9594Simona Di Meo was born in 1986 in Rome where she graduated in visual arts. Currently she lives and works in Milan. Her research is based on a specific place survey going through archive documents and interviews and the connection of this experience with new materials. Her work produces a linguistic lag which has the aim to activate emotive and historic memories of the place, setting in motion different mechanisms of participation that involve various pubblic. Through the restitution of traces and signs, this process wants to produce works that evocate history and stories giving space to a personal interpretation.



English below

WochenKlausur risolve problematiche sociali attraverso interventi tangibili su piccola scala. Il gruppo lavora su invito di Istituzioni per la ricerca, lo sviluppo, e la finalizzazione di progetti che realizzano cambiamenti concreti nei contesti sociali locali. Il collettivo lavora attraverso incontri chiusi e concentrati che si verificano in tempistiche specifiche per arrivare alla realizzazione di strategie precise d’intervento. Per il loro primo progetto Medical Care for Homeless People (1993) il gruppo ha deciso di fornire cure mediche di base agli homeless della città di Vienna utilizzando una clinica ambulante in un camper. L’enorme tam tam mediatico del progetto, ha costretto la giunta comunale a finanziarlo, rendendolo permanente. Oggi il camper continua ad aiutare più di 600 persone ogni mese attraverso il volontariato gestito dalla Caritas. WochenKlausur si è occupato tra le altre questioni di educazione, abuso di sostanze, community development, immigrazione, diritto di voto, ed il mercato del lavoro. Oltre a creare nuovi interventi ed a supportare il lavoro di altri artisti, WochenKlausur serve come un centro di ricerca per l’arte che si occupa di attivismo politico e sociale. Le maggiori esposizioni e commissioni del gruppo includono istituzioni quali la 48 Venice Biennale; Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg; e la Vienna Secession. Fondato nel 1993, è di base a Vienna.

WochenKlausur solves social problems through tangible, small-scale interventions. The group works by invitation from art institutions, researching, developing, and realizing projects that make concrete improvements through “social intervention”. They work in concentrated, closed meetings, within a specific timeframe, to arrive at carefully crafted, cunning strategies. For their first project, Medical Care for Homeless People (1993), the group decided to provide basic medical care to homeless people in Vienna out of a mobile van clinic. False threats of negative publicity forced the city councilor to fund the project and the van is now a permanent institution that continues to help more than 600 people each month, run by the relief organization Caritas. WochenKlausur has also addressed education, substance abuse, community development, labor market policy, voter rights, immigration, and homelessness. In addition to creating new interventions and supporting artists from the communities in which their new projects are realized, WochenKlausur serves as a resource center for activist art. WochenKlausur’s major exhibitions and commissions include the 48th Venice Biennale; Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg; and the Vienna Secession. Founded 1993. Based in Vienna, Austria.


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