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Our projects promote a synergy between subjectivities by creating collaborative working groups that bring forth a common critical reflection.

Decompression Gathering Summer Camp 2012 visting artist BRETT BLOOM (Temporary Services)

Workshop/residenza estiva per artisti e curatori, Corniolo Art Platform, Vallata del Mugello, 25 – 31 Agosto 2012
Decompression Gathering Summer Campvisiting artist Brett Bloom (Temporary Services)
curato e organizzato da Valerio Del Baglivo e Radical Intention
In collaborazione con Associazione Culturale Fosca e Fare con il patrocinio del Comune di Borgo San lorenzo.

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Il curatore Valerio Del Baglivo e il collettivo milanese Radical Intention danno vita al primo Decompression Gathering Summer Camp: una settimana di decompressione, vita comune e lavoro di gruppo alla conclusione dell’estate e prima dell’inizio dell’attività lavorativa invernale. Decompression Gathering Summer Camp si propone come momento di pausa riflessiva prima dell’inizio dell’anno lavorativo con l’intento di ripensare le tradizionali forme di residenza artistica e workshop e i conseguenti processi di produzione e trasmissione della conoscenza che in essi si determinano. In contrasto con le politiche neoliberiste attuali che sembrano promuovere esclusivamente forme culturali redditizie e basate su percorsi individuali, Decompression Gathering Summer Camp intende proporre un’alternativa cercando di rispondere alla seguente domanda: può l’atto di riunirsi insieme costituire la base per l’articolazione di nuove forme di mutual learning, communal living e pratiche artistiche di auto-organizzazione? L’intensa settimana sarà scandita da una serie di azioni condivise che combinano momenti di riflessione teorica, ad esperienze di esplorazione del territorio, all’organizzazione di situazioni di convivialità e socialità, fino al coordinamento collettivo delle mansioni quotidiane presupposte al mantenimento della vita di gruppo.

In occasione del workshop Brett Bloom è stato intervistato da Radio Papesse. Per ascoltare l’intervista clicca qui. Dopo la sua esperienza a Corniolo, Brett ha scritto un articolo sulla collettività e l’Azienda Baciotti. Per leggere l’articolo cliccare qui.

Corniolo Art Platform – Summer residence and workshop for cultural workers – 25th – 31st of August 2012
Decompression Gathering Summer Camp
visting artist BRETT BLOOM (Temporary Services)
Curated and organized by Valerio Del Baglivo and Radical Intention
In collaboration with Associazione Culturale Fosca and FARE sponsored by the Municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo

Curator Valerio Del Baglivo and Milanese collective Radical Intention present the first edition of Decompression Gathering Summer Camp with visiting artist Brett Bloom (Temporary Services): a week of decompression, communal living and group working at the end of the summertime, before going back to work. Decompression Gathering Summer Camp is to be seen as a peaceful moment of togetherness, before going back to work. In light of current neo-liberal policies – which appear to solely promote cultural forms that are profitable and based on individual growth – Decompression Gathering Summer Camp creates an alternative by trying to answer the following question: can the act of gathering forms the basis for a new articulation of mutual learning, communal living, and group working? The camp is a space for rethinking the processes of production and knowledge transmission typically used within traditional forms of artistic residencies or workshops. The whole week is dedicated to experiencing theoretical reflections through daily excursions, situations of conviviality and sociability, daily collective tasks that are meant to maintain everyday group life.

On the occasion of the workshop, Radio Papesse interviewed Brett Bloom. Click here to listen to their conversation. After his experience at Corniolo, Brett wrote an article on his collective experience and Baciotti Farm. Click here to read the article


The program was based on a collaboration between Radical Intention, Valerio Del Baglivo and visting artist Brett Bloom and divided into morning listening session, afternoon workshops and daily excursions.

Listening Sessions

We employed several kinds of listening techniques throughout the week that have been developed by artists, sound ecologists, musicians, and activists. Exercises were based on deep Listening work developed by musician, composer, and visionary Pauline Oliveros; Gordon Hempton’s notion of “Outer Silence”. Listening session were also meant for tuning ourselves to the group and individual and for consciousness raising, and for reflecting and tuning towards our empathic capacities – our abilities to understand and share the emotional registers of other persons, animals, and the world around us.


We divided our week into a series of marco areas of research: Experimental Group Behaviour/Learning Processes, Language of Power and Ideology, Healthy and Ethical Groups Dynamics, Collaborative Practice. For every topic, we conducted exercises and discussions, such as those devolped by Allan Kaprow; moments of profound recognition of cognitive shifts and opening up of our perceptions to new possibilities; exercises developed by Temporary Services for understanding how we use language to identify our behavior in groups; exercises developed by Temporary Services, inspired by permacultural ways of visualizing complex interrelations from the production of food to political systems. We discussed the essay “Against Competition” by Marc Fischer and “The Tyranny of Structurelessness” by Jo Freeman, and shared stories of competition, group work, and how we all have negotiated problems related to these situations in various life situations. We also continued to develop our skills for paying attention to others and our surroundings, hearing silences, and sensing the world with our range of capacities, not just our intellect. Two texts helped frame this session: One Square Inch of Silence, by Gordon Hempton (Prologue: Sounds of Silence & Chapter 2: The Quiet Path) and Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, by David Abram (Introduction: Between the body and the breathing earth & Chapter 1: Shadow).


We choose places to visit that had something in common with our daily discussions. The excursions are meant to be shared moments of convivialty, while exploring the richness of the Mugello Valley. We took tours at the School of Barbiana, organic cheese farm Baciotti, visited a bee farm, went on walks at Moscheta in Hell’s Valley and Frena valley.


“Against Competition”, by Marc Fischer, Blunt Art Text (B.A.T.) #2, April 2006
“The Hidden Paradox of Human History”, by Jeremy Rifkin, from The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Consciousness In A World In Crisis, Penguin:New York, 2009, pages 5-43.
“Prologue: Sounds of Silence” and Chapter 2 “The Quiet Path”, by Gordon Hempton, One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Quest To Preserve Quiet, Free Press: New York, 2009, pages 1-3 and pages 12-40.
“The Tyranny of Structurelessness”, by Joreen “Jo” Freeman, The first official place of publication was in Vol. 2, No. 1 of The Second Wave (1972)
“Introduction: Between the body and the breathing earth”, Chapter 1 “Shadow”, and Chapter 4 “Reciprocity”, by David Abram, Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, Pantheon Books: New York, 2010, pages 3-12, 13-24, and pages 57-80.
A selection from Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice by Pauline Oliveros
Additional texts for your information:
“Introduction” and Chapter 1 “General Idea Interview”, by Temporary Services, Group Work, Printed Matter: New York, 2008.
Group Work: A Compilation of Quotes About Collaboration from a Variety of Sources and Practices, by Temporary Services, self-published booklet, 2002
“Some theses on militant sound investigation, or, listening for a change.” By Ultra-Red


IMG_6249Julia Draganovic Claudia Löffelholz from LaRete Art Projects.LaRete Art Projects is dedicated to research and support of new artistic strategies. In this filed, LaRete Art Projects conceives and realizes exhibitions as well as educational and research programs in Italy and abroad.  LaRete Art Projects main interests consist in presenting emerging artists as well as already established ones to new audiences and in introducing contemporary art in general to new contexts. Connecting international professionals in the field of contemporary art dedicated to the research, development and consolidation of new artistic strategies, LaRete Art Projects fosters a dialogue between artists, curators, critics and a larger audience.

IMG_6601Ilaria Gadenz from Radio Papesse. Radio Papesse was born in 2006 within the Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Center, Siena, Italy.  It was meant to serve as a platform wherein get in touch with contemporary art and those production at the crossroad between music, sound art, visual art and new ways of storytelling. We aim to associate a discourse on contemporary art and the sonic dimension of contemporary culture together with music and listenings you wouldn’t find on other radios. Radio Papesse is an open on-line and on-demand audio archive. We do support the free circulation of ideas and knowledge through the use of the Creative Commons Licence: we venture in the production of interviews, documentaries and audioguides; in collaboration with museums, biennial, institutions, we do both explore new ways of addingvalue to the process of cultural production and pave more accessible ways towards contemporary culture.  Among the most recent collaborations – just to name a few: Manifesta 8, Liverpool Biennial, Furla Foundation, Contemporary Art Festival in Faenza, Screen of the Arts Film Festival, Galleria Civica of Modena.

decompression_orto_webLeone Contini is an artist and he was born in Florence in 1976. He holds a BA from the University of Siena. His artistic research is based on the relationships between art, anthropology and ethnography.


IMG_6179Ruth Höflich lives and works in Munich and London. Between 2002-9 she worked as one part of the artist duo and collaborative platform Guestroom, most recently on a commission by Grizedale Arts, UK for developing a permanent library. Her work has been shown amongst others at ICA, FormContent, Space Studio and Whitechapel Gallery, London; Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Los Angeles and Limerick City Art Gallery, Ireland and will be presented at Kunstraum München this autumn. She recently took part in the residency programme at The Banff Centre in Canada and will be undertaking a studio residency at Artspace Sydney in 2013. Her work also been featured in numerous publications such as Mock and other superstitions edited by Francesco Pedraglio and The Responsive Subject published by Mu.Zee, Ostend in 2011. In 2010 she set up the occasional small press 8fold which will present a new project at Electra Productions in London this year.

IMG_6260Andrea Liu is a NYC-based visual art and dance critic, and dancer. She has been awarded artist residencies at Museum of Fine Arts at Houston CORE Program, Atlantic Center, Ox-Bow, Jacob’s Pillow, Millay Colony, Byrdcliffe Guild, and has given talks at the Sculpture Center, Black Mountain College Museum, Banff Centre, and Triangle Arts Workshop. She has written for ArtUSgaleria perdida, Postmodern Culture, Movement Research JournalSocial Text, Goldrausch Artist Residency catalogue and has book chapter contributions to Infinite Instances and The Swedish Dance History. She runs the temporary gallery the Naxal Belt in Bushwick, NY.

IMG_6302Nicoletta Dalfino Spinelli born in Bari in 1987. She received a BA in Visual Arts and she is currently attending a MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. She showed in some group exhibitions and she has recently presented her works at Otto Zoo Gallery in Milan.

IMG_6428Piero Passacantando is a painter and social practitioner. Recently, he was a Fellow at the Laundromat Project in NYC. In 2010, Piero received a Fulbright grant to research Thangka in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has an MFA from the California College of the Arts and a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. He lives and works in Harlem, New York.

IMG_6462Born in Padova in 1988, Francesca Crudo lives and works in Milan. She holds a BA from the IUAV in Venice and an MA from NABA in Milan.  Since 2010 she has been collaborating with artist Olga Kisseleva. Her activities mainly deal with research, in which she is specilaizing in art and public space and social practices.

IMG_6232Born in Ponte dell’Olio (Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy) in 1985, Clarie Bosi achieved a bachelor degree in Visual and Show Arts at the Arts and Design faculty of Venice. She after specialized in Design and Production of Visual Arts in the same institute. Her musical education at the Music Conservatory of Piacenza is nodal in her curriculum: there she studied composition, cello, choir, and she graduated in Theory of Music. She has been selected for several exchange programs and research grants in France (University Paris 8 + Movin’Up) and USA (New York University).

IMG_6180William Hsu is an artist who was born in Taipei (1979) and currently lives and works in Auckland.  He is a co-director of Auckland artist-run-space RM Gallery and Projects and a lecturer in contemporary art at the School of Visual Arts, Manukau Institute of Technology.

Brett Bloom is an artist, writer, organizer and publisher. His primary work is with the group Temporary Services. The group started in Chicago in 1998, and is currently based in Chicago, Copenhagen, and Philadelphia. The group makes exhibitions, writes critical essays, works in public, organizes exhibitions of others’ work, supports social justice movements, and more. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to them. Temporary Services has published over 90 booklets, newspapers, posterbooklets, and books. They have operated Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and online store, to further their publishing goals and to build independent infrastructure for experimental and radical art, since 2008. Temporary Services published the book Group Work (Printed Matter, NY, 2007) which investigates the culture or collaborative practice in groups be they artistic, musical, or activist in nature. The group made the book because of the severe lack of published material on the nuances and complexities of working in groups, both the positive and negative aspects of this work. In 2009, they published a newspaper, Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor & Economics, that was distributed in over 90 American cities as well as outside the US. The goal of a the paper was to foster conversations and the challenge the dominance of market discourse over the production of art and our daily lives. In addition to working with Temporary Services, Bloom works in other collaborative configurations, like the Mythological Quarter, that fuses art, ecology, local urban issues, and more in their work. In 2005, he co-edited a double-book Belltown Paradise / Making Their Own Plans (WhiteWalls, Chicago, 2005), about 5 groups (Park Fiction, Resource Center/City Farm, Belltown P-Pacth/Growing Vine Street/Cottage Park, City Repair, Can Masdeu) in 5 cities (Hamburg, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Barcelona) working to alter their neighborhoods to make public space, green space, and to change city infrastructure to more healthy, sustainable ends with art and creative activism.


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